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Professional pool table moves

We have been servicing the area for years and have built a solid reputation based on the quality of our work and service standards. If you’re looking for premium service and the best guarantee in the industry, the Omaha Pool Table Movers is your best option.

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Be sure that you consider the risks of having your pool table moved by anyone other than a professional. Our experienced pool table movers use the proper tools and right techniques to make sure your table is in the best playing condition it can be once we finish.

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Pool table moves and almost any pool table service should be taken care of by experienced pool table technicians so that you have good playing experience. Another reason is that moving a pool table it’s just too dangerous to do it yourself or with a group of friends that lack the experience. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, if you take the risk, it can be.

However, the risk of damaging the pool table, your property or even worse the risk of being injured is too high to even consider it. It is always a good idea to have experts come and tear it down and move it the way they’re meant to be moved.

One should always be cautious when moving a pool table with anyone else other than a professional, only experienced technicians know how what they should and shouldn’t be moved, not many can consider themselves professional pool table movers.

Pool table moves with our nationally backed company are easier than ever, accompanied by a guarantee on our service. Give us a call for more information!

Insured & Guaranteed Pool Table Moves

Pool table moves are potentially dangerous if done by someone with little to no experience, this could result in someone being injured when attempting to move it. Our exclusive 1-Year service written guarantee protects you against any issues related to the workmanship of our pool table movers and our work and our certificate of insurance protects you against the unexpected. A professional pool table setup requires specialty tools, such as a machinist level to ensure the precise leveling of the slate for enjoyable playing experience.

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We professionally tear down your pool table, safely load it, move it in pieces and relocate it to the new home, then we proceed with the pool table assembly by building it from the ground up and professionally level the frame and slates, seal the seams with beeswax giving you a perfectly flat playing surface and recover either with the existing material or new cloth.

As Members of the American Billiard Installers Association, we make sure your table is perfectly moved and left in the best playing condition it can be when we’re finished. We are also obligated to return in case any issues arise within the 12 month period our exclusive guarantee covers.

Pool Table Repair and more

We are residential and business pool table movers and in addition to moving pool tables, we also offer different pool table services such as complete moves from one house to another, from a residence to a business and vice versa, move to a garage or storage unit, a tear down only, setup or an installation with leveling, pool table refelting and pool table repair services.

The most common repairs are pool table refelting, replacement of the rail cushions and pockets. We will need to know specific details depending on the type of pool table felt, pocket style or type of cushion, pictures also help a lot to properly take care of the pool table repair or service needed.

Whether we need to take care of complete pool table moves, installations, refelting or pool table repair, pricing depends on the dimensions of the pool table, the type of move, circumstances surrounding the move and type of pool table repair needed.

Pool table moves and pool table repair

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Our years of experience in this industry have allowed us to properly take care of almost all types of pool table services and repairs. Let us take care of your pool table to move the right way. The complex process calls for the right tools and techniques to avoid any damage to the pool table components and also ensures a perfect installation.

If you have decided that the pool table recovering service is to be taken care of at the time of the table being set up. We will mention that this is actually the best time for taking care of this service since the pool table is in pieces and most used tables have the cloth that has been heavily used or it hasn’t been used much but is just too old and it would have to be replaced in the near future. This service also is best left to professional mechanics to take care of. Someone with little to no experience will most likely leave the cloth wrinkled, with bubbles or in the worst-case scenario tear the cloth, this means the felt will no longer be any good you would have to buy yet another cut of pool table felt.

Pool table moves in businesses may incur extra charges in the event we encounter complicated moves with elevators or have parking issues for your job. There may be extra fees for excessive stairs when moving a 3 piece slate pool table. In case your table is a single slate top, we will definitely need to know the size of the table and stair situation, such as if there are any turns or if we have to go up or down. Pool tables that have just one solid piece of slate are extremely heavy and difficult to move, so depending on the situation we may or may not be able to move it because of liability issues.

Another important factor is the dimensions of the room where you plan to have the pool table setup. If you’re not sure which size of pool table best fits in your room, we have a section that has a chart of the pool table room sizes for your convenience.

We understand that tables are of high value and some can mean very much to our customers, which is why we treat them with the utter care that they deserve and are covered accordingly. Give us a call and schedule your pool table move with the best service providers in the area. 

Exclusive Guarantee on Pool Table Moves and Pool Table Repair

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Please consider the risks involved when moving your pool table or any other repair as these could mean costly damage to the pool table, your property or even injury.

Our exclusive 1-Year service written guarantee covers any issues related to our work and our certificate of insurance protects you against the unexpected. Let our team of qualified pool table movers take care of your pool table service.

We also offer shuffleboard movers services, contact us to get your quote and schedule your service.